More Events

  • August 7-11: Epoch, Revamping Society’s Perspective (more details here) on Space, Ann Arbor, MI.  *** NEW EVENT !!! ***
  • June 3-5: 4th Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference 2013, Summit County, CO. *** DATES !!! ***
  • Late Feb-Early Mar TBD: 6th DoD/NASA Commercial & Government Responsive Access to Space Technology Exchange (CRASTE), TBD. (U.S. citizens or green card holders only.)   PLACEHOLDER
  • Feb TBD: International Space University's 17th Annual Int'l Symposium: "Sustainability of Space Activities: Int'l Issues and Potential Solutions", Strasbourg, France. PLACEHOLDER 
  • Feb TBD: 16th Annual FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference, Location TBD, Washington, DC. PLACEHOLDER
  • Jan TBD: 51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, PLACEHOLDER

2013 (starts here, continues upward)


  • NewSpace 2012: A Log of the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurial Spaceflight :
    A special report by Clark Lindsey

  • 2012 Calendar of Commercial Space Events (below, in reverse chronological order)